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Feedback From Our Clients

It makes us so happy to see the number of positive reviews Handsome Hunk gets on a regular basis. The number of referrals and repeat customers is also proof that we are providing an outstanding service for our clients.

I am so satisfy with the service and how friendly the staff, they do provide the best service and I can say they dont compormise in hygiene, every equipment is sanitised and sterilize using the sterlizer machine, from comb to scissors. Nice to see berhampur is changing.

K.Muna Patro

I am a 55 year old man, I am scared to visit salon due to this pandemic, my son came to Hansome Hunk and he did asked me to give a visit. To my surpise what my son informed about the clieanliness, they did maintain throught the time from I came in till i leave, I am pleased by the service provided by Kalia, he is good.

Subhash Maharana

I have did couple of tattoo before visiting Handsome Hunk, when I did tattoo here I found they do take care of tattoing seriously when it comes to hygiene, proper santized equipment and taking proper care while tattoing, and tattoo comes out smooth. All the staff are nice and friendly.

Sridhar Mahapatro

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